Let our customers tell you

Long customer relationships indicate successful cooperation

Thanks to our efficient way of working and our high-quality end products, we have formed long-term cooperative relationships with our customers. We have the ability to tell what makes sense in terms of production and help our customers get cost savings through it. What do our customers think of us and the quality of our work?

Abloy Oy

“CNC-Tekniikka designs and manufactures tools for us and is involved in our product development projects. During our long cooperation, CNC-Tekniikka has gotten to know our tools and products, so they immediately know what we are talking about, and there is no need to start explaining things from the beginning. This saves time."

ABB Oy, Smart Power Product development

CNC-Tekniikka is our partner in the development projects of new clutch products and their mechanical parts, as well as in the optimization of our existing products. CNC-Tekniikka includes quality as a metric and the customer's interest as a priority in every step of the process.

ABB Oy, Smart Power Procurement

"We have a long history of cooperation, where CNC-Tekniikka manufactures components in accordance with ABB's design requirements and related tools. One of CNC-Tekniikka's strengths is the knowledge and familiarity with our products that has been born through long cooperation. They understand what each component is used for in the bigger picture and can therefore suggest...