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Component Manufacturing

Our strong tool expertise creates a solid foundation for efficient component manufacturing. We use new and modern machinery: we manufacture components with automatic stamping machine lines, with progressive die stamping tools we have manufactured ourselves. Any changes, improvements and tool problems can all be handled easily in-house.

Continuous optimization of our operations


CNC-Tekniikka wants to offer its customers the best possible benefit, which is why it has invested in LEAN organization, i.e. cutting out all non-productive activities. Our company constantly strives to improve and develop its operations and its various sectors in order to guarantee efficiency and quality.


CNC-Tekniikka has improved production efficiency, where it has specifically used LEAN thinking. Our company’s operating methods also include the related 5S thinking, where all unnecessary things are eliminated and only the best operating methods and practices are kept. CNC-Tekniikka is committed to developing the company using LEAN methods and is thus constantly improving its operations.

We manufacture tools and components with decades of experience

Quality assurance

We use a Production Part Approval Process, which gives our customers valuable information  Desing Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (DFMEA) in the form of component manufacturability and in order to ensure quality output already in support of planning. 
When designing a manufacturing tool, the critical quality factors and possible risks are reviewed with the customer through Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (PFMEA) . 
The component’s quality management plan (Control Plan) is produced together with the customer with the end product in mind.

We ensure the durability of the product with high-quality raw materials


We guarantee our customers’ the excellent quality of our products. The quality of our company’s products and work is guaranteed by the certified quality and environmental systems SFS-EN ISO 9001 and SFS-EN ISO 14001. ISO 9001 is a certificate that shows that the company invests in continuous monitoring and development of quality.


CNC-Tekniikka is committed to developing its operations and constantly improving its quality, so that it can meet customers’ needs to the best of its ability. CNC- Tekniikka produces high-quality components and tools that not only meet customer quality requirements, but even exceed them.


The ISO 14001 certificate is an environmental system. CNC-Tekniikka bears its responsibility for environmental issues and strives to reduce the environmental impact of its production and operations as much as possible. CNC-Tekniika’s production is modern, efficient and flexible, taking environmental factors into account.

DFMEA (Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)

We prepare a risk analysis of the component’s manufacturability. We map whether the customer should modify the component in some aspects and how we take the risk factors into account in the tool.

PFMEA (Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)

We prepare a risk analysis of the manufacturing process of the component. We take into account all the risk factors that may appear in the manufacturing process of the component, and we build measures or inspections to reduce the risk of errors and control or eliminate them completely.

Control Plan (Component quality management plan)

Based on the risks, we create a quality management plan for each manufactured product, which explains what things are checked in manufacturing process, how often and in what way.

Statistical Process Control (quality assurance during component production and its monitoring)

We use a scanning coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and a video measuring device (VMM), which record the measurements during the entire manufacturing life cycle of the component directly for product-specific SPC reports. We review the SPC reports at regular intervals with our customer’s quality departments and agree on the steps to develop uniform quality

We ensure that the product is made from high-quality raw materials

Raw materials from reliable suppliers

We have long and reliable relationships with the industry’s raw material suppliers. Good communication with raw material suppliers enables strong mutual cooperation, thanks to which our customers get cost-effective raw material solutions from the best suppliers for their products.


“CNC-Tekniikka is a very innovative company, and we have a long history of cooperation with them in the supply of high-quality oxygen-free copper. We manufacture the raw materials for CNC-Tekniikka according to their orders, and we recycle 95% of the copper from our own process back into our own production. The finished raw material is delivered to CNC-Tekniikka as a high-quality copper strip.”


– Lari, Luvata Pori Oy

Cost-effective flow in surface treatment

Cost-effective solutions for coating

Surface treatment can improve the appearance and technical properties of the components. Typical coatings include, for example, electrogalvanization, anodizing, metallization and chemical treatments. Different coatings can be used to improve, for example, electrical conductivity, wear resistance or corrosion protection of the product. Our surface treatment partner carries out the surface treatment of the products precisely and according to our customer’s needs and wishes.

“We are CNC-Tekniikka’s partner, offering added value to customers with different coatings. During ten years of cooperation, we have formed a straightforward and open way of working together with CNC-Tekniikka. Both of us combine our strong technical expertise and it enables us to provide the most cost-effective solutions for the end customer.”

– Juha Vähäsöyrinki, Mecapinta Oy

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