Abloy Oy

“CNC-Tekniikka designs and manufactures tools for us and is involved in our product development projects. During our long cooperation, CNC-Tekniikka has gotten to know our tools and products, so they immediately know what we are talking about, and there is no need to start explaining things from the beginning. This saves time."

Cooperation with CNC-Tekniikka is straightforward and easy: they quickly get to the heart of the matter and react well to possible changes. They have also perfectly met our strict quality requirements regarding tools. It’s great that we can cooperate with a domestic company in these matters.


In terms of maintenance, the cooperation with CNC-Tekniikka is excellent, and their long experience in tool manufacturing is clear. The tools are manufactured as modular solutions, which means that the entire tool does not have to be removed from the machine in the event of a cutting failure.  It’s great that at CNC-Tekniikka, when designing tools, they think beyond manufacturing and also take into account the maintenance aspect!


– Osmo Kasurinen, Tool maintainer/ Abloy Oy

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