ABB Oy, Smart Power Product development

CNC-Tekniikka is our partner in the development projects of new clutch products and their mechanical parts, as well as in the optimization of our existing products. CNC-Tekniikka includes quality as a metric and the customer's interest as a priority in every step of the process.

By far the greatest added value that CNC-Tekniikka brings to our operations is that they are able to quickly provide a product’s manufacturability aspect, i.e. how the product can be produced in the highest possible quality and in the most cost-effective way. They have the ability to tell what makes sense and what different options mean from different perspectives of production. In this way, time is not wasted designing the product in a way that is expensive or time-consuming to implement.


Cooperation with CNC-Tekniikka is very flexible, and we have a feeling that they genuinely have time for us. Thanks to their strong expertise, you can get answers and suggestions from them efficiently, and they don’t spend time gathering information. They also have extensive knowledge of our entire product portfolio and understand our overall process, which helps to increase the efficiency of cooperation!


– Product development representative, ABB Oy, Smart Power

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